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Je gsm of tablet laten herstellen

Even if your device is out of service or broken, you can still keep in touch with your friends and family! Our employees in the Orange shop will assist you with the repair of your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or accessories.

This is free, provided your device is still under warranty.

All information and opening hours can be found on this page

How does it work?

1. Go to your  Orange shop

2. Our employees complete the repair form and send the defective device to one of our repair partners. (Don't forget to bring proof of purchase or invoice if the device is still under warranty).

3. Our employees can lend you a device for free if you wish.

4. Our partner will deliver the repaired device to your point of sale and you can call, text and surf again!

Discover all the benefits of this service .


How much is it?

Is your device still under warranty? Fantastic, that means the repair won't cost you anything. Has the warranty already expired? We will then prepare a clear estimate of what the repair will cost. Then it is up to you to give permission for the repair or not.

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